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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services in Calgary

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With the on-going COVID-19 challenges we have changed our operations to protect you.  We can take care of all of the lawn treatments with zero physical contact with you and your family.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to phone, email or chat on our web site.

Every Visit Is Verified!

We Send You Pictures of Your Lawn Being Treated

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Green Guard Lawn specializes in Lawn Fertilization treatments and Weed Control to get your lawn looking it’s best. We focus on building trust with you by sending you a photo of us applying the services to your lawn. We schedule and text in advance of your treatments.  Service matters and we strive to provide an experience that pleases.

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What Is It?

We focus on building relationships of trust with our clients. When you allow us onto your lawn you trust us to take care of it. To help honour that trust we will send you a photo of us applying fertilizer to your lawn. A photo is taken at each visit and sent to you electronically.

Why Does It Matter?

Often our clients are not home when we provide our fertilizer or weed control services. When you see a photo of us at your home, applying product or performing services, there is peace of mind knowing that you are getting what you paid for. You also get to see the condition of your lawn throughout the season. You have a photographic timeline and can see the results of our fertilization and weed control process over time!

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Weed Control

Not only do weeds interrupt the enjoyment of a healthy green lawn, but they can also cause problems for the city. Weed control in Calgary is a civic priority backed by bylaws and regulations. Private property owners are responsible for any noxious weeds or invasive plant species on their property. Violation of the Weed Control Regulation could end up costing you a fine of $400.

Our treatment packages are designed to keep your lawn weed-free all season long!


Fertilizer is an important part of seasonal lawn maintenance. It provides important nutrients to your lawn that promote healthy growth and longevity. A properly fertilized lawn has a healthier root system and can withstand the highs and lows of Calgary’s growing season. Our fertilizer services include treatments throughout the year to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.


Overseeding is the application of new grass seed onto your existing lawn turf. It helps fill-in bare spots and brings new life to a mature lawn. Overseeding can also help your lawn withstand disease and keep a consistent bright green colour throughout. We offer overseeding with our treatment packages to maximize their effectiveness and give you a thicker and healthier lawn.

Deep-Core Aeration

Another important part of seasonal lawn maintenance in Calgary, aeration penetrates through the thatch allowing water and nutrients to get through. Following the aeration process, your lawn will develop new, deeper roots, enabling healthy growth for a thick turf. When combined with our fertilizer and weed control services you are sure to have one of the nicest lawns on the block!

Mosquito Control

Yes, that’s right… mosquito control. We use an all-organic repellant to treat areas of your property that are prone to mosquito growth and breeding. With repeated periodic treatments you can enjoy spending time outside without having to worry!


What do our customers think?

lawn fertilization and weed control customer review
I am overly pleased with this local company. The price was very reasonable. I understand the unpredictable weather, but they were very on point with their schedule. Brian was so pleasant to deal with (and so was the office staff). My lawn was overgrown with weeds and I wasn't sure if there was anything anyone could do to help. No kidding, one treatment and the lawn was already seeing resolution! I get comments on my lawn and it is for sure one of the best on the block. I will be a return customer!! Highly recommended! Thanks Green Guard!!
Jess M.
Jess M.
Edited: My experience with Green Guard has been great. We had a bit of a hiccup in the beginning of our relationship but this company was quick to address it and we are thrilled with their response.Green Guard has been efficient with communication, service, and quality of work. I would recommend using them for your lawn services.
Good advance notification. Very courteous and thorough. Excellent service.
Shirley J.
Shirley J.
This is our first year using Brian and Green guard services. One of the reasons we switched to Green guard is the value compared to other similar companies. Green guard is on time, completes the services your purchased with excellent results for a healthy lawn!
Mike and Kim H.
Mike and Kim H.
Brian is awesome to work with! He lets me know the schedule of the lawn treatment, takes picture for me, and my grass is looking fantastic!
Kayee W.
Kayee W.
Lawn is looking great! Brian is very diligent in texting pictures and notes when he does a treatment. It's only been two treatments so far and my lawn is looking 100% better! Thank you!!
Gerry M.
Gerry M.
Great service
Chris H.
Chris H.
I love the work he's done on our lawn and very impressed in the great improvements made in a rather short time. It's terrific!
Carrie H.
Carrie H.
Brian did a great job aerating my lawn and was also very pleasant to talk to. He answered all of our lawn-related questions. It is clear that he cares about his business and we look forward to working with him throughout the rest of the season.
Mark D.
Mark D.

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The Treatment Your Lawn Needs

Our packages are priced for lawns up to 3000 sq ft. The size of your lawn will be verified prior to service. Lawns larger than 3000 sq ft will receive a fixed-price quote by the close of the next business day. If your treatment area is smaller than 800 sq. ft.  you will also receive a small-sized lawn price adjustment.


Green & Weed Free!

Original Price:


This Month:




  • Verified Service
  • 3 Fertilizer Treatments
  • 2 Weed Control Treatments
  • 2 Iron Supplements for Turf Health
  • FREE Spot Treatments for Broad Leaf Weeds
  • FREE Vegetation Control on Hardscaped Areas



Thicker & Healthier!

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This Month:




  • Verified Service
  • 4 Fertilizer Treatments
  • 2 Weed Control Treatments
  • 2 Iron Supplements for Turf Health
  • Overseeding
  • Deep-Core Aeration
  • FREE Spot Treatments for Broad Leaf Weeds
  • FREE Vegetation Control on Hardscaped Areas

Gold M

Nicest Lawn On The Block!

Original Price:


This Month:




  • Verified Service
  • 5 Fertilizer Treatments
  • 3 Weed Control Treatments
  • 3 Iron Supplements for Turf Health
  • Overseeding
  • Deep-Core Aeration
  • 3 Treatments Organic Mosquito and Tick Control
  • FREE Spot Treatments for Broad Leaf Weeds
  • FREE VegetationControl on Hardscaped Areas


Mosquito & Tick Control

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Added To A Package:




  • Verified Service
  • Organic Repellant
  • 5 Treatments

Courtesy Calls (for packages only): If you have concerns about the weed control treatment please let us know. As we all know the weather in Alberta is unpredictable and despite our careful planning Mother Nature has her own ideas. If your lawn receives heavy rainfall within a few hours of its application please let us know and we are happy to come back.


We are happy to provide a quote for any of the following services:

Organic Fertilization

Chinch Bug Control

Ant Control

Pathway & Crack Treatments

Prohibited Plant Control

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